Global Trade

Paragon sees the globe from all angles making it possible for us to offer the best solution from any perspective - geographic, operational, commercial and political. 

We gather all the relevant parameters and process them to provide the best route and means of transportation within the schedule and budget limits. We create beneficial long term agreements for our customers’ routine import and export business activities; tailor project specific solutions and keep exploring new possibilities in the dynamic world of forwarding services.

Paragon supplies conventional global trade services with a unique unconventional approach.
We believe that the forwarding of goods is an integral part of our customers’ growth. It has to integrate with their markets, commodities, certifications, security constrains and any other aspect relevant to their business activities.
Our airfreight, ocean freight, drop shipments and customs brokerage services are all parts of the puzzle we put together to forward our customers’ business.
We value your business and your cargo as well. To sign our global trade services we provide professional insurance coverage from leading insurance houses for all our shipments and logistic services, including in-transit and storage facilities. Professional insurance brokers give you the peace of mind that your cargo is fully insured and the policy will give you the best compensations should you need to file a claim.