Nippon Express

Paragon Logistics Ltd. is proud to be an agent of Nippon Express in Israel.

With over 130 years experience, Nippon Express is the ideal partner for all international forwarding and global logistics needs. 1,400 offices worldwide, 60,000 employees and over 400 millions tons of total freight allow the company to offer highly competitive services and rates and to achieve economies of scale. Moreover, constantly looking for innovation, Nippon Express is ready to design “tailor made” services to fit any request of the customers and to increase the competitiveness of their products.

Nippon Express was founded in 1872 in Japan. Thanks to the professional expertise and excellent service level in the ‘60s the company started expanding all over the world, established new branches and became a worldwide leader in the international freight forwarding business. The research for complete customer satisfaction and a constant improvement in its services permitted Nippon Express to achieve the “Number One Forwarder Worldwide” award according to IATA and to obtain the ISO9002 certification. At the same time, Nippon Express never forgets to take care of environmental friendly solutions.
Nippon Express has warehouse property for a total surface of 3.600.000 m2 located all over the world. With this space availability the group is able to satisfy any kind of logistics and distribution needs by its customers. The Nippon Express computer based “Remote Warehouse Distribution System” (REWARDS) allows the management of goods in several warehouses and the organization of a worldwide logistic flow.

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Photo by Pieter van Marion from Netherlands [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons