On Site Services

Everything we know without having to ask us

Paragon specializes in offering customers the services of professionally trained, multidisciplinary personnel to execute their import and export logistic services. The high quality of this unique service enables customers to have on-site personnel experienced in all aspects of shipping, forwarding and customs clearance.
On-site employees are service providers that are an integral part of the organization, working transparently, making operational choices that are beneficial to the organization and in line with the company’s business policies.
Paragon’s on-site personnel are team players that perform their duties as part of the logistic team and identify with the goals and mission assigned to them. They have no preferential agenda other than offering the best standard of services with the added value of Paragon’s professional advice and support to assist them if necessary.
Why On-Site Services?
  • Experienced, trained professionals in all areas of logistic operations
  • Dedicated to the organization’s benefit, policies and goals
  • Absolute transparency
  • Team players fully integrated to achieve the organization’s goals
  • The best SCM service providers and agreements locally and abroad