Consulting Services

The key to successful SCM organization

Paragon offers a professional eye that sees the whole picture - analyzes the organizational needs, existing personnel and resources, identifies weak links and strengthens them, and generally helps integrate all functional aspects to create a sound foundation for present operations and future growth.
We help assign supply chain personnel with diversified qualifications and tasks to work synergistically to achieve the corporate goals.
Paragon analyzes the SCM organization for functions that may be dispersed, overlap or be overlooked; employees and resources that may be positioned or used ineffectively.
Our services optimize the budget, functionality and results of the supply chain to build an infrastructure and implement process that will contribute to the company’s business achievements. 
Small and large companies, whether at the on-set of activities or experienced players in their market, should assess their needs, resources, goals and adjust the operational structure accordingly. 
The key to building a healthy, stable and expandable supply chain:
  • Analyze the goals, markets and activities that require SC services
  • Blueprint the present and future needs
  • Scan the present human and other resources in the company
  • Tailor present resources to needs: train, re-position, define functions, recruit
  • build a well structured smooth functioning, cost-effective supply chain
  • Create supply chain infrastructure : quality suppliers, beneficial service agreements, structure main activity channels