Material Management & Distribution

Profit From Experience - Save on Resources

Our 3,000 sqm logistic center is strategically located to access main air and sea ports and 80% of Israel’s commercial and industrial activity. Customers can use our facilities for storage and advanced inventory management or benefit form well trained, expert teams to execute in- and outbound processes, packaging, general warehousing and shipment activities. All our logistic services are supported by advanced designated software.
Paragon solutions can be tailored to perform all, or some, of the logistic activities, in any organization
All our logistic services customers benefit from our technological infrastructure and human resources to do the job efficiently, cost-effectively and on schedule. 

The services below are offered to give customers exactly what they need:
         Inbound / Outbound
         Order Fulfillment
         Cross Docking
         JIT Manufacturing Support
         Inventory Control Systems
         Service parts logistics
         On-line Inventory Management
         Cycle counts
         Pick & Pack
         Customer tailored activity
         Control by serial number
         Value-added activities (kiting, packing, labeling )
A prominent aspect of our business is the extremely professional logistic services and warehousing facility we offer either in-house or as an outsourcing service.
Paragon offers logistic services that are independent of our forwarding activities and are complementary to the SCM solutions we offer.