Exhibitions & Special Projects

Logistics that enhance your marketing efforts
International exhibitions are an integral part of any company’s marketing & sales efforts. It is a costly venture in terms of time and resources. This is true for any operational activity which is not in the regular course of business be it a special project or important demonstration.
Exhibitions and special projects require forwarding expertise that goes beyond conventional bookings and routing.
It often is multi-modal, the intricate and delicate exhibition structures are irregular in shape and packaging, the equipment is often shipped from various locations, special permits for demo equipment are required, plus logistic coordination for the actual set up. Timing is a key factor for cost-efficiency.
Experience can significantly reduce the overall costs and contribute to the success in logistic terms – prioritize deliveries, split or consolidate exhibition elements, equipment and material and most important – get all the inevitable last minute parts on time for the opening.

Paragon provides turn key or specific solutions for any size project or exhibition:
  • Provide an annual logistic budget according to the company’s work plan. Plan with you and prepare the schedule for all the bill of materials for the project or exhibition. This pre-organization can help determine and execute other related tasks and prevent excessive last minute costs.
  • Experienced personnel will liaise with the exhibition officials and agents and will advise and help with the intricate documentation and customs procedures.
  • Allocate an experienced dedicated contact that follows it through 24/7.
You determine the required level of involvement needed to make your efforts successful.